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Julkaisupäivä: 2022-09-22

Talks of imperfection : New podcast series to lead the global conversation of softer business values


The obvious question is: Does the world really need yet another business podcast?

We believe it does, but only if done differently, with a gentle touch of openness, empathy, diversity and honesty.

Talks of imperfection is not your ordinary business podcast, but a platform for meaningful conversations that help our worldwide audiences redefine their views on doubt, failure and vulnerability. We should not be afraid of our own imperfections but embrace them, both in and out of work,” says Ville Immonen, Edita Prima’s Head of Sales and Marketing.

“Softer values are already migrating to the world of business, and we want to enable these much-needed conversations in the hope that they will lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life. We wish that our listeners will feel more comfortable embracing their imperfections and striving for personal growth.”

Better understanding of imperfection leads to more sensible growth

Season 001 of Talks of imperfection features eight carefully curated guests from different backgrounds, cultures, languages and professions who all share the common goal of creating a more equal, more reasonable and increasingly sustainable future through their talent, network, vision and passion.

"To be successful in the near future, we as a business community must learn to operate fundamentally differently. Our selected guests are known for their change-making top-level work and performance, which requires near-perfect delivery. With regard to that, recognizing the power of imperfection certainly helps”, says Risto Kuulasmaa, host of the show and lifelong student of the concepts of imperfection.

"All our guests represent greatness linked to the act of being in service for causes bigger than oneself. They are connected with freedom from external or internal limiting beliefs and fears. They have the self-awareness to enable vulnerable self-reflection, which, in turn, creates inspiring content."

Edita Prima sees Talks of imperfection as a long-term brand commitment

We have a unique heritage reaching all the way back to 1859, where we have help our clients orchestrate their customer journeys to perfection by helping them to turn data friendly. Over the past 160 years, we have witnessed the wonders of all four industrial revolutions and currently, we are in a phase of rapid transition towards digitalized services.

“The first season of TOI is an excellent example of Edita Prima’s new brand presence, ambition level, global vision and creative capacity. We never separate B2B from B2C, but strongly feel that all branding and marketing should be as creative as possible. We believe this to be a universal topic that our listeners around the world can relate to”, says Independent Creative Director & Global Work Rebel Antti J. Peltonen, who has led the creative side of Edita Prima’s rebranding from day one.

The language of Talks of imperfection is English, and all eight episodes of Season 001 have been recorded face-to-face in various locations across Europe and North America. Edita Prima sees the podcast as a long-term brand commitment. Season 002 is already in production.

”We believe that talking about imperfections can change lives, and that's why we're deeply committed to developing TOI even further. And yes, softer values definitely equal better business, so this most certainly is a win-win situation for everyone,” concludes Edita Prima’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Ville Immonen.

Season 001 guest list:

Episode 001: Aito de la Rua, an Argentinian global entrepreneur in hospitality and wellbeing.

Episode 002: Helena Gualinga, an Ecuadorian environmental and human rights activist.

Episode 003: Victor Pineda, a Venezuela-born social impact entrepreneur, human rights expert and inclusivity scholar.

Episode 004: Peta Milan, CEO and co-founder of JET Group, and CEO and founder of venture studio Transcendent Media Capital.

Episode 005: Tony Cho, Miami-based real estate and city district developer.

Episode 006: Ruchika Sikri, pioneer of well-being and corporate veteran of Silicon Valley.

Episode 007: Mickey Meyer, Oscar-winning producer and Hollywood network president.

Episode 008: Lubomila Jordanova, founder and CEO of carbon accounting, decarbonization and ESG reporting platform, Plan A.



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Contact information:

Ville Immonen, Edita Prima’s Head of Sales and Marketing

ville.immonen@edita.fi, +358 40 743 2764

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