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Edita Prima is the kindest Nordic tech company with a unique heritage that reaches all the way to 1859. We help our clients communicate more efficiently which improves their businesses and customer experiences. We orchestrate automated customer journeys to perfection by turning data friendly.

Our services

Customer journey orchestration services

Customer journey orchestration

We help you transform ordinary customer journeys to holistic happy paths through optimized channels and touchpoints. Read more →

Customer data platform

We help you create extraordinary customer experiences through accurate, reliable and friendly data. Read more →

Digital asset management

We help you store, organize and distribute all digital content to make sure nothing will ever get lost again. Read more →

Consent and preference management

We help you turn privacy regulators into competitive brand advantages that will strengthen your sales and businesses. Read more →

Customer success and feedback management

We help you convert unhappy customers to perfect business opportunities that improve your brand and customer loyalty. Read more →

Output, printing and delivery services

Digital post

We help you transform all communication to secured digital form which saves time and this planet and increases safety. Read more →

Transactional printing

We help you make printing smarter through our modern-day craft expertise that equals better sustainability. Read more →

Voting and election services

Digital election

We help you plan, coordinate and run reliable elections as smoothly as possible because all voting matters. Read more →


For more than 160 years we have been an innovative and trustworthy group of accountable tech daredevils who have been able to cope with change and transition.

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We help our clients by orchestrating their automated customer journeys to perfection through optimized microjourneys which lead to superior data-driven customer experiences.

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How to help Toshiba, one of the biggest multinational corporations in the world, to upgrade their acquisition journeys to be more effective?

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Digital Customer Onboarding: New growth in the Wealth Management industry

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How to help S Group, a Finnish customer-owned network of companies in the retail and service sectors organize reliable digital elections for 3.5 million people?

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Yes, We Orchestrate Automated Customer Journeys To Perfection but why those fearlessly curious seven words and not something else?

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We believe in the power of constant change and eternal transition and understand that without new innovations even the greatest of heritage is just history.

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Edita Prima partners with Bloomreach

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How to help Nordic banking, finance and insurance companies improve their digital asset management?

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We are and always will be people first company that values trust and offers freedom.






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