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Julkaisupäivä: 2022-10-26

Talks of imperfection - Ep.007 - Mickey Meyer


It's Episode 007 when we learn about the power of self-reflecting in modern leadership.

We are in Announcer booth of little league ballpark in El Segundo, Los Angeles, California on a pleasant Friday, March evening. Mickey Meyer reflects on his charmingly successful career in the media industry. We hear his path from humble beginnings as a runner to being a creator at the right place at the right time during the early days of YouTube. 

Mickey (b. 1984) is an America-born and Los Angeles-based little league baseball coach, producer and Oscar-winning network president in Hollywood, California, USA. He’s known for his ground breaking work on the early stages of YouTube and successful acquisition of Vox Media and his latest venture Group Nine Studios generated 8 billion monthly views across 40+ platforms reaching 80 % of Americans in their 20’s. 

“My parents always told me that I can do anything. As I’ve grown up there was moments of unwinding that, of realizing your own humanity.” — Mickey Meyer

Talks of imperfection – Not your ordinary business podcast

Talks of imperfection is a new podcast series of intimately open diverse conversations where globally recognized leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and activists reveal their personal relationships with growth, collaboration, success and imperfection.

Season one features eight carefully curated guests coming from different backgrounds, cultures, languages and professions who all share the common goal of creating a more equal, more reasonable and increasingly sustainable future through their talent, network, vision and passion.

This is not your ordinary business podcast but a gentle platform for deeply meaningful conversations that redefines our views on doubt, failure and vulnerability and connects the blurring dots between smarter working habits and more balanced private life.

The show is in English only and hosted by Risto Kuulasmaa, an Amsterdam-based entrepreneur, wanna-be surfer and a life-long student of imperfection, and enabled by Edita Prima, the kindest Nordic tech company that orchestrates automated customer journeys to perfection.

“Life is perfect. How you relate to life creates all the imperfections. Nature is perfect and we are part of it, it is our minds that creates the separation. We create our subjective truths about perfection and imperfection and this is why talking about imperfections is so interesting.” — Risto Kuulasmaa

Season one of TOI is out. Listen now through your favorite streaming services.


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