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We help you transform all communication to secured digital form which saves time and this planet and increases safety

Digital post is just like a traditional old-fashioned post but more practical, faster and more reliable. Going digital is also a responsible act of sustainability which reduces the need for any printed materials and saves the environment. Our digital post services help you transform all of your analog communications to secure and optimized digital forms.

Going digital makes your communication faster and more reliable

Choosing to go towards a more paperless future with digital post is a kind and conscious decision to reduce the need for any printing materials in your business. Instead of having a living human postman deliver invoices, letters or documents as printed papers to your customer’s addresses the same information can be sent directly to their digital postboxes with minimal time, effort and expenses.

Going digital makes it easy to personalize and even share marketing content

Going digital is more personal. Not only can we provide the exact same information to your customer’s digital postboxes but we can also enable them to take direct action such as paying invoices or tracking parcels. Digital post also makes it easy to personalize all marketing content. It even allows your customers to share their digital post with their family members, friends, lovers or the other close ones to take care of the shared errands together. In other words, digital post increases the analog community.

Going digital is an excellent choice for the environment

Unlike traditional postal services digital post is not affected by weather conditions, traffic jams, other transportation issues or misplaced envelopes. Digital post is also an excellent choice for the environment. Ever since our company was founded climate awareness has been among the key priorities within our culture. We are still not perfect but we are working hard to improve. We encourage all our clients to make a shift toward a future where digital post will be the only post there is.

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