Our culture is based on kindness, trust and succeeding together

These four values guide our culture and thinking.

We trust and respect

Together we succeed

We learn and grow

We care for our customers

Change is not our superpower but something that drives our internal growth daily

For more than 160 years Edita Prima’s value as a company has been directly dependable on our capabilities and willingness to adapt, reinvent and transform through lifelong learning. Change is also the key element of our daily working culture. To be considered as smart, creative and attractive company we must keep on challenging status quo with great courage and no fear. Change is not our superpower. Change is something that defines us. Change is who we are.

Change has made demand for superior customer experiences absolute

From printed stamps to automated customer journeys we have used new technologies to deliver great services and experiences. The ongoing technological revolution has once and again changed everything including everyone’s expectations towards customer journeys. Smooth, fast, pleasant and polite customer experiences are what sets companies apart and increase brand loyalty. This is the era of whole new levels of data-driven collaboration across product development, marketing, sales, delivery and customer support. Demand for superior customer experiences is absolute. That demand is our expertise.

The significancy of making sense of data in digital transformation

More now than ever before digital transformation affects all aspects of our society including people, transport, travelling, food, businesses, organizations, systems and all structures of our lives. That means that client’s needs will keep on changing weekly. The key driver in this digital transformation is data. How to create insights and offer holistic and relevant customer experiences is the core of our business.

Heritage without future innovations is only history

In the first three industrial revolutions change took place mostly in the working environments at the actual production facilities. During the ongoing digital revolution change is much closer to each one of us. Our societies are changing at an exponential rate. Change is disrupting every industry in every country, and it is already transforming some of our most fundamental systems, such as production, learning, and trade. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate the physical from the digital, or even the biological. In other words, change is inevitable, simultaneous and immediate. In the age of experience change requires working closely and directly with people and culture. It’s about learning, adapting and optimizing. Combining the past to the present. In times of change diverse legacy organizations struggle the most. New business models are crucial. Heritage without future innovations is only history.

Change is not automatically pleasant but always rewarding

Change is something that must be made by each individual. Management can only facilitate and support. To reach our goals we must train ourselves to move forward with small steps which helps us make peace with failure along the way. The will and ability to try, fail and try again is the foundation of change which is not always a pleasant experience but it’s the only way. We challenge established thinking and ordinary working culture through change people and technology.

We welcome the temporary pain of change

It takes courage and knowledge. It takes intrapreneurship and disruption within inside the company. In order to change one must take an active decision. You will need a management that instead of just words also takes actions. You need to constantly question any status quo and redefine normality. You need to dedicate adequate resources people, money and mandate. Everyone within the organization needs to actively take on change as their mission. And perhaps most importantly, you have to accept and welcome the fact that sometimes change is painful. There’s no other way. We welcome that temporary pain of change continue to challenge established thinking and ways of working through people and technology. Hopefully you will too.

Our working culture is based on kindness, trust, passion, freedom, accountability, curiosity, fun and life-long learning

Edita Prima is home for more than 80 diverse, multilingual, talented and curious employees working in all areas of our expertise. We are engineers, designers, UX/CX specialists, data analysts, consultants, digital strategists, account managers, front and backend and software developers, printing and brand experts, communication and marketing professionals and much much more. Our headquarter is located in Helsinki, Finland. Nowadays we often work remotely if possible and our main working languages are English, Finnish and Swedish. Today Edita Prima is part of a bigger Edita Group family. We believe that even challenging work can be fun and that work and life balance truly matters.

Meet some of Edita Prima's staff members

Kati Budén
Marketing Communication Manager
+358 45 611
Matti Pylväs
Sales Executive
+358 44 341
Sami Veikkolainen
Solution Manager
+358 40 860
Jussi Naumanen
Head of Digital Services
+358 40 860
Pekka Ollikainen
Key Account Manager
+358 40 860
Ville Hiltunen
Sales Executive
+358 40 860
Emmi Koskinen
Account Manager
+358 40 860
Tuomo Hekkala
Account Manager
+358 40 860
Sakari Mäkinen
Digital Solutions Manager
+358 40 8373
Teemu Syrjälä
Marketing Automation Consultant
+358 50 321
Tom Heikkinen
Account Manager
+358 40 043
Eija Höijer
Account Manager
+358 40 068
Jaakko Jokinen
Account manager
+358 40 860
Teijo Liimatainen
Head of Operations
+358 40 860
Heikki Autio
Managing Director
+358 40 860

We are and always will be people first company that values trust and offers freedom.