We have been able to survive, reborn and thrive in this business of transition since 1859

We orchestrate automated customer journeys to perfection

Edita Prima, born in Helsinki, is the kindest Nordic tech company that offers automated customer journey solutions that help our clients communicate more efficiently. We are innovative and trustworthy experts with a unique heritage that reaches all the way to 1859.

Over the past 160 years we have seen the wonders of all four industrial revolutions and experienced the real-life effects of revolutionary innovations like telegraph, telephone, fax
machine, text message, email, smart phones and various social network, microblogging and streaming platforms. On our ongoing journey of change and transition we have repeatedly reinvented ourselves, adapted from analog printing to digital everything and successfully updated our expertise, services and skill sets. Unlike our competitors we have not only witnessed the history but we have been a part of it. Our culture and purpose have remained the same. We still are and always will be people first company that values trust, offers freedom and respects old and new clients equally.

Today we are part of a bigger Edita Group family that supports our growth and overseas expansion. We help our clients improve their businesses by orchestrating automated customer journeys to perfection by turning data friendly.

The Edita Prima manifest


We have been able to reinvent ourselves, update our expertise and adapt to constant change and new technologies for more than 160 years.


We improve our client’s businesses by helping them make sense of data by orchestrating automated customer journeys to perfection.


We know what we have done, what we can do and that we can most definitely be always trusted in everything.


We believe that exceptional creativity and valuable client relationships are born out of trust, freedom, respect and fun.


We deeply appreciate our wonderful analog history but passionately love the endless possibilities of the digital future.


We are brave and fearless but always responsible daredevils who think, sound and act different from our competitors.


We are constantly looking for new ways to try, fail, learn, grow and get better and smarter in everything that we do.


We are smart, visionary, agile and ambitious enough to be around for another 162 years and beyond.

It all started with imperial stamps

Our story began in 1859 when our small printing unit of four became the first staff members of the newly founded Imperial Senate Printing House located in downtown Helsinki. Back then Finland was not an independent nation but part of the Russian Empire and our very first job was to print stamps for Tsar Alexander II. He liked them.

How we became the trusted printers of the Finnish governmental institutions

When Finland gained independency on December 6th 1917 we, in addition to the very first Finnish paper bills called markka and plenty of new account books, started printing stamps for the Finnish Postal Service instead. From early on we understood that our work mattered and realized the comprehensive importance of stamps. They were crucial not only for reliable and well-functioning communication but a symbol of liberty and free speech of a new-born northern nation of Finland that would soon develop to become one of the happiest and most equal countries in the world. For decades that followed Finland’s independency we acted as the trusted printing experts of the Finnish governmental institutions and continued to innovate new printing techniques for stamps, letters, menus, envelopes, lottery coupons, schoolbooks, poem collections, menu cards, pamphlets, newspapers, law texts, magazines and election forms and tax forms and others print products alike. In short, we helped Finland learn how to communicate more efficiently.

For more than 160 years we have lead the way towards more sustainable paperless future

Even in the very beginning the ideas of customer journey were in the core of our field of expertise. Over the past 160 years we have successfully updated our approach and expanded from old analog printing to paperless digital services. We still print a lot of quality paper such as election forms, law documents and contract forms but more and more our main task is to turn digital data friendly and the sea of numbers useful for our clients. But despite of new medias, technologies, channels and platforms our main job hasn’t change. We still help our clients communicate more efficiently and our plan is to keep on orchestrating automated customer journeys to perfection for another 160 years and beyond. In short term we want to lead the way towards more sustainable future that soon enough will be paperless. One day we aim to provide digital stamps for space communication between Earth and Mars. That is our mission.

We belong to a bigger Edita Group family

Edita Prima is part of Edita Group, including our sister company Edita Publishing.

Edita Prima

Automated Processes for Customer-Centric Communication

Edita Publishing

Smart Learning & Legal Information

Our corporate and environmental responsibility

The shared corporate and environmental responsibilities of Edita Group are built on the ideas of Triple P Bottom Line: People + Profit + Planet. We at Edita Prima understand the importance of corporate and environmental responsibilities in our long-term strategy, everyday actions and the overall field of expertise. We believe that guiding our clients towards paperless communication increases sustainability. We want to make printing smarter.

Our climate report provides a summary of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Edita Prima Oy’s operations from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

Annual report

Despite challenging times Edita Group had an extraordinary year with focus on employee safety, mitigating demand changes of our services and ensuring continued good collaboration with our clients.

We have been fearless daredevils since 1859 when our journey of change and transition began