Transactional printing

We help you make printing smarter through our modern-day craft expertise that equals better sustainability

For more than 160 years we have been printing messages to physical papers that have helped people, cities and states communicate more efficiently. High-quality personalized printing is still one of our greatest skills. We are proud of our unique history and will never forget our heritage but in printing we firmly believe in individual experience over mass treatment. Our transactional printing services help you move towards a more sustainable future that soon enough will be paperless.

“Edita Prima handles the billing process of our membership fees both as e-invoice and by mail reliably.”

Seija Pohjantuuli

Marketing director, Finnish Taxpayers Association

We focus on secure digital printing and standardized processes

We offer a holistic approach to large-scale, secure and economical transactional printing with a focus on automation, data security, the latest digital printing capabilities and standardized processes. We ensure the quality and flawlessness of each item we enclose. We help you optimize and streamline the production and delivery of your printed documents in order to provide you maximal cost-efficiency.

We automate transactional document production and workflows

Transactional documents such as invoices, tax cards and insurance statements are valuable and repeatable points of customer contact that have a significant role to play in improved customer experiences. That impact can be maximized through our automated process which are reliable 24/7 and 365 days a year. The entire data stream with fully automated steps receives, processes, designs, prints and encloses with multiple security and quality checks to make sure that your production is optimized. We also provide reporting and data along the automated workflow to keep you fully informed throughout the process.

We optimize postal distribution

As we all know the physical letter distribution is the most time consuming and most expensive phase of distribution. We help you find cost savings in postal distribution in several ways. We optimize physical envelope formats and minimize paper usage in order to decrease the weight of the shipments. Based on the delivery address our automated workflow routes each envelope through the cheapest available postal operator for each address.

For us print is certainly not even close of being dead

Ever since our company was founded in 1859 our approach in printing services has been customer-centric. Today our in-depth expertise of processing all possible data formats, data security, market leading skills of building automation together with added capabilities such as full colour, selective inserts and tracking of the physical distribution maximize the value of detailed customer communication. Even after 160 years in this business we still are the experts in producing personalized print. We continue make printing smarter.

“Veikkaus is actively co-operating with our most prominent service partners in developing joint models in managing and leading. Edita Prima is one of our key partners and thus supports our strategy. Our co-operation is seamless, generates additional value and is also quite a bit of fun.”

Lauri Noro

General Manager, POS Services and Logistics, Veikkaus (national Finnish gaming company)

1. We help you make sustainable choices

Through our standardized processes and end-to-end automation you can do good for the environment. Our streamlined production reduces paper consumption, cuts off the amount of waste material and minimizes the environmental impact of the physical delivery. And the rest of CO2 impact we compensate on behalf of you. All our deliveries are climate neutral.

2. Building happy client relationships can take many forms

Sometimes the best of those forms can still be a tangible, beautiful, personalized piece of direct mail to foster and cherish positive customer relationships. We help you to use direct mail in a data driven way to fully reach the benefits of your loyalty program. We do not believe in direct mail only. But as an integrated part of your marketing mix it can stand out and give memorable and influential experiences to your customers.

3. We store your prints so you don’t have to

Our warehouses are specifically designed for housing all print products. Your materials are always stored in a secured environment. We mail and deliver your prints in perfect condition wherever you may need them to be shipped.

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