Organize successful elections for your organization

In cooperative and organizational governance, elections play a crucial role in fostering community and administrative structures. With our election services, you can plan and organize your elections reliably and securely according to the electoral regulations. With the assistance of our experienced project management and experts, you ensure successful elections for your organization.

“Edita Prima is constantly developing their election services. This has provided S Group co-operatives more comprehensive election packages. We are very satisfied with our co-operation in 19 representative elections and we will continue to collaborate.”

Marjaana Saarikoski

Account manager, SOK

We combine online and postal voting for one holistic outcome

Since 2012 we have co-operated with dozens of different kinds of clients in Finland helping them with all scales of organizational elections from start to finish. We have successfully delivered more than 170 election assignments to our clients from labor unions and financial institutions to co-operatives and other similar organizations. Our election solutions include digital candidate acquisition processes, online candidate comparison applications and combining online and postal voting for one holistic outcome.

We improve accuracy and lower the possibility of human error

Over the past decade we have designed and developed several supplementary modules that can be customized and integrated. We have tested and piloted our approach to be market-proven which has given us tools and knowledge to react and adapt to different requirements, technologies and circumstances. Our election services improve accuracy, reduce the need for manual work and lower the possibility of any human error.

The importance of proper project management

Organizational elections are usually held only every three to five years. That creates multiple challenges since technology requirements alone can change rapidly. It’s vital that the entire election process will be reliably delivered on time and without faults or errors. It’s also important to remember that systems alone do not guarantee success but all organizations and elections have their own rules and specifications to consider. First-class project management is an instrumental part of our election services.

Our digital election solutions include:

  • Reliable and secure integrations of all election services

  • Digital candidate acquisition processes

  • Online candidate comparison applications

  • Combining online voting and postal voting

  • Adapting architecture that supports business drivers required

  • Real-time election monitoring and reporting

  • Detailed data-driven management services

  • Effective solutions that reduce manual work and possibilities of human errors

Creating a solid candidate list is the first step of smooth elections

There can be no voting without candidates. Nomination part is meant to attract suitable members to step up for election. We replace the traditional filing of analog candidacy forms with an easy-to-use digital application where all data is stored under the candidate database which generates up-to-date data for the entire phase of elections. Inserting data directly to the system reduces the work required to check candidate’s eligibility and removes the possibility of human errors.

We bring candidates closer to voters through voting advice application

We provide the most advanced solution in the market to fully integrate voting services with the first-class voting advice application. This allows the candidates to introduce their values, opinions and ideas directly. Candidates can also be easily searched by filtering key terms keywords, tags and questions. Our voting advice application is published on an open website and can be employed in the election communication to a wider extent.

We ensure that no vote can be double casted

We take care of all your communication materials including postal election materials, advertising on election sites and candidate posters. We can also provide voting booths, urns and digital voting sets. Layout automation helps you reduce errors and time spent in creating the candidate lists. This is particularly useful during the most critical phase of the election schedule. And perhaps most importantly our audited process double checks that no vote can be casted more than once.

Many benefits of our data-driven election solutions:

  • Combining of digital and postal voting

  • Real-time vote count tracking

  • Quick results available right after voting is closed

  • Digital voting is easy and fast on any mobile or desktop device

  • Strong identification ensures the integrity of voting

  • Identity of anyone using the strong online identification protocol is checked to confirm the vote is unused

  • Service automatically checks if the voter is eligible to vote for selected candidate

  • Postal votes are entered into the system as they arrive

  • Creating accurate targeted marketing campaigns is effortless

  • Data allows analyzing voter variables as gender, voting time, channel, hometown and age

Successful election process is completed by data-driven communication strategy

No election process can be perfect without good communication strategy. Our solutions contain specific data which allows targeted and timed communication both internally and externally. Active and well-targeted communication drastically improves campaigning and voting activities. Our solutions help identify voter profiles which help understanding voter’s motives and decisions.

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