Digital asset management

Manage, store and share documents safely

Digital asset management system provides your company a secure and efficient way to manage, store, and share digital assets, such as documents. Publication automation tailored to your needs ensures that your customers always receive the correct version of a document. Efficiency increases, as there is no longer a need to spend time searching for documents or hesitating whether your customer has indeed received the latest contract terms.

”Edita Prima has built us an organized digital asset management services containing all our customer materials from forms to insurance documents. Now we can manage everything from ordering new versions to publishing it online. When our customers review product information or check their insurance terms online they are actually using Edita Prima’s DAM-services.”

Irma Joutsimies

Consultant, LähiTapiola (insurance company)

Our Digital Asset Management service clarifies version control and creates security for rights management

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) services help you keep track of the latest versions of your data and manage usage rights so that everyone always has access to the needed digital assets. Even better, it’s always fast and simple. DAM, including using metadata and tags, can be a critical component in efficient marketing operations.

Our DAM services are available anytime and from anywhere

The expansion of marketing touchpoints is driving the need for organized and coordinated content creation and storage. Marketing technology engines need to be able to distribute a wide number of contents. Through integrations with DAM unified and consistent valuable brand assets can be utilized. Fast and effective document management is vital when your company is organizing and publishing documents that have multiple timeline, language and generation versions. Our DAM services provide secured access to digital content anytime, anywhere and from any web device.

Key benefits of DAM services

  • Keep and store all your vital brand assets and materials secure and centralized

  • Access assets and content anytime anywhere

  • Use fast and extensive search capabilities to find your assets

  • Convert brand images to your desired resolutions from one master image

  • Publish or distribute content for systems or customers to use anytime anywhere

  • No need to store multiple output channel versions of one image

  • Ensure that the brand experience conveyed to your customers is consistent

  • Free more time to your employees by minimizing the time used for finding the correct brand assets

  • Keep all your content and assets in secure place

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