Data-driven content and distribution consulting

We help you carry out optimized design, printing, enveloping and delivery decisions that reduce costs and care for the Earth

Yes, digitalization is everywhere. No, nothing is going to stop it. Sure, data-driven content will absolutely be the future of all human communication but just not quite yet. Surprisingly enough current megatrends, decisive attitudes and individual preferences towards printed messages remain strangely conservative. Even in digitally advanced Nordic countries like Finland an average customer still opens, reads, consumes, learns and understands printed content better than any other form of communication. Since printing and postal expenses are directly dependable of the size and weight of envelopes key variables like design, layout, form as well as paper height, thickness and weight matter greatly. Our data-driven distribution consulting services help you design, print, process, edit, optimize and deliver all paper content in the most cost-effective and sustainable way possible.

We rescue and optimize hard-to-get data from ancient systems and platforms

Let’s be honest. Not all data was created equal but older it is more difficult data gets. Despite of inevitable digital revolution analog paper still appeals to millions of people around the world for various reasons. More importantly, the ongoing transition phase towards the paperless future will unquestionably last long enough so we might as well try to make the most of it. Our unique experience of 160+ years has given us rare technological skills and abilities to understand, gather and analyze data received from even outdated tech platforms and systems. We can, for example, locate and make sense of nearly unusable client data fields that many other companies can’t through effective analytic processes, address cleansing and distribution optimization. That procedure alone allows to fit your content to less space which results into optimized envelopes which equals significant savings in delivery and distribution process. We rescue and optimize ancient data which translates into better customer experiences and businesses.

Sustainable design and distribution solutions can be worth millions of euros

This is the unfortunate inconvenient truth: Only a handful companies on this planet seem to have a clear strategy, vision or understanding how printed content should be designed and delivered. The biggest part of the equation is distribution. Most companies are simply printing too much of anything using carelessly selected one-sided papers with space consuming and expensive paragraph layouts, wrong size envelopes and ineffective delivering methods. That needs to stop. We help you identify numerous hidden print and output related cost reduction possibilities and fix them to improve your business and productivity with targeted individual forms of printed or omnichannel messages. And just to be clear, we are not talking about saving a few nickels here but our effective and reliable data-driven content and distribution consulting solutions can easily be worth millions of euros per year.

We want to share our experience and expertise to help our entire industry

We have been the Nordic frontrunners of high-quality printing, layout, enveloping and distribution services since 1859. On average we sent out millions of monthly statements and now we want to share our experience and expertise with others. That’s why we have launch our data-driven content and distribution consulting services. Money is one thing but in today’s world sustainability matters even more. We as an industry simply must do better and act smarter and take more responsible and actions. If not, our planet will suffer. We feel like it is our responsibility as one of the leading companies of our field to lead that conversation and journey towards the paperless future that soon enough will be reality.

Our data-driven distribution and consulting services combine numbers, research and interviews and are always conducted in close collaboration with the client.

Our approach includes

  • Phase 1: Identification of starting point

  • Phase 2: Definition of exact issues to be solved

  • Phase 3: Analyzing all print data available in detail

  • Phase 4: Introducing strategic plan to fix processes

  • Phase 5: Optimizing design, printing, enveloping and distribution chains

  • Phase 6: Presenting comprehensive, informative and profit generating end report

Despite the current transition period from analog to digital printed messages remain highly effective and greatly popular form of communication. The key reason for that is simple: Most older platforms still include massive amounts of hard-to-reach data that is difficult to analyze cost-effectively with most new technologies around. We can help with that.

Benefits of our approach

  • Versatile all-around expertise of different systems and platforms

  • Ability to maximize all data available including older systems and platforms

  • Optimization of all printing, paper selection and delivery activities

  • Ability to reduce distribution costs and increase sustainability

  • Comprehensive and transparent end reporting

  • Full guidance in long-term transition from analog to digital

We would absolutely like to tell you more about our data-driven content and distribution consulting services

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