Customer journey orchestration

We help you transform ordinary customer journeys to holistic happy paths through optimized channels and touchpoints

An effective digital customer journey is a holistic cross-business experience where open, ongoing and active interaction between different departments within the company is mandatory. We help you connect the gaps between marketing, sales, service and product development people so they can all better focus on providing the best customer experiences possible. Our customer journey orchestration services make insight, engaging and optimizing tools truly efficient.

Effective customer experiences increase customer loyalty

Instead of trying to fix everything at once we divide your customer journeys into shorter microjourneys and then optimize those one by one. This allows us to identify your customer’s exact positions in any given touchpoints and channels on their journey and provide required content, commands, messages, actions or services in precisely the right moment. This leads to personalized contextual customer experiences, strengthens your brand and customer loyalty and helps introducing and launching new products and experiences.

Dynamic monitoring is the decisive key of magic

We enable your businesses with a data-driven view of complex, cross-functional journeys by connecting to underlying systems, resolving identities and combining historical data, real-time activity, and machine learning insights. Unlike traditional campaign and workflow tools that usually require pre-defining moments of truth our CJO services monitor your customers dynamically. The difference is decisive.

This is how we turn insights, engaging and optimizing to better customer experiences called happy paths

1. Detailed insight helps tracking and helping your customers through troubles in real-time

We provide all access to automated customer journeys through real-time tracking across all touchpoints and channels. This allows instant visual recognition and identification of crucial drop-off points and underperforming segments where your customers are experiencing friction.

2. Differentiating engaging turns boring customer journeys into smooth happy paths

We enable you to instantly react to signals and either guide your customers towards the happy path or proactively intervene if something goes wrong. That requires leveraging the existing technology so that orchestrating in-the-moment experiences at scale is doable. Our harmonizing approach allows you to enable flexible, vendor-agnostic technologies and data strategies.

3. Real-time data is an essential tool in the process of quantifying customer journeys

Ability to test, learn and fix is the basic requirement for quantifying effective customer experiences. Custom insight and reporting offer unparalleled assistance into the performance of journeys and the impact on strategic business metrics. Optimizing based on real-time feedback and reliable data is an essential tool in the process of systematically and automatically improving and quantifying customer journeys. Simulating journeys for what-if analysis or run tests with specific cohorts to discover the ideal ways without pushing it live. Piloting truly matters.

This is how we turn ordinary customer journeys to holistic happy paths

Our orchestrated customer journey solutions greatly improve communication between the buyer and the service provider and reduce the need for manual labor which lowers the risk of human error. Accuracy, efficiency, customer satisfaction and total happiness increases. That’s why they are called happy paths.

Phase 1: Hypothesis

  • Interviews, pre-questionnaires and working culture analysis

  • Document and communication review and risk assessment

  • Buying personas and crisis touchpoint identifying

  • Updated or new customer journey mapping via microjourneys

Phase 2: Enablement

  • Data connecting and workflow creation

  • Implantation of layouts and templates

  • Reporting dashboard creation and technology update

  • Piloting of previously mapped 1-3 microjourneys

Phase 3: Enforcement

  • Customer segments and buying personas connecting

  • Microjourney optimization and activation

  • Real-time touchpoint reaction and execution activation

  • Analyzing and optimizing newly orchestrated customer journey

The importance of maturity curve

Optimizing customer journeys is a process that each and every company needs to go through. When it’s done life gets easier. That is our promise.

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