Customer communication management

Manage customer communication efficiently

Through customer communication technology, your company's customer documents and messages are created, sent, and managed efficiently and securely. You ensure that business-critical customer communication reaches your customers in a timely manner, complying with accessibility requirements. With help of our technology and local experts, you save your team's working hours, streamline processes, and save costs.

Together with Quadient, we turn data conversion challenges into strategic opportunities

We at Edita Prima have successfully coped with change and transition for more than 160 years. Since the 1990s, we have collaborated with Quadient, one of the world’s leading customer experience experts, in business process automation, customer experience management and intelligent document output management. We work with a great variety of local and international clients in public and private sectors ranging from large enterprises to smaller market businesses and non-profit organizations, helping them with fair pricing, improved efficiency and boosted engagement.

We do it because, in today’s world of instant digitalized communication, all business interactions everywhere are also wonderful opportunities to make genuine connections, build proper awareness and convert even the most critical customers into valuable brand advocates. However, most businesses are still struggling with complex data, slow document assemblies, and inefficient delivery processes. Different legacy systems, regulations, and various creation and post-composition tools further increase the likelihood of human error or compliance risk, making it challenging to define new products and services while getting them into production smoothly enough.

We use Quadient’s easy-to-navigate and remote-work-friendly platform to create reliable omnichannel solutions that maximize effectiveness, information value and engagement of your customer communication through document creation, production and distribution. In the process, your company’s brand, image, openness and transparency increases. That creates additional trust that strengthens customer happiness, which has become an essential part of all businesses everywhere. We make your life with complex data significantly easier.

Our solutions in data workflow management

- Data transformation

- Data modification

- Data clarification

- Data conversion

- Data processing

Our solutions in document management

- Document creation

- Message simplifying

- Omnichannel delivering

- Outbound retrieval

Our solutions in professional services

- Project management

- Roadmap discovery

- Implementation

- Migration

We help you manage and improve all scales, forms and lengths of analog or digital documents

To put things into perspective. Millions of official documents – printed, digital or omnichannel – are sent out by corporations, governments, public service providers and mid-sized businesses, particularly in the insurance, finance, healthcare and telecommunication sectors, every single day. Even in Finland, a country of just 5.5 million people, there are enormous amounts of invoices, notifications, letters, announcements, reports, statements and other similar transactional documents flying around in all possible channels, directions and mailboxes. Still, only a small percentage of those are even remotely optimized. The Core reason behind the problem is that most companies simply are ineffective in transforming dysfunctional information into readable, user-friendly documents. This is not an accusation but an act of empathy. We know from our own experience how difficult, frustrating and time-consuming that process can be. Luckily, we also have an answer in the form of versatile customized customer communication management solutions.

We help our clients manage and improve all scales, forms and lengths of analog or digital documents that can be dozens to hundreds of pages long contracts, 1-2 page short waybills or various invoices that are all created using a great selection of customized content blocks such as personalized text, tables, charts, images and footnotes. When the automated process has been properly conducted, the number of required documents decreases. Instead of six separate delivered documents, one optimized bundle is enough. This saves time, money, nerves and the environment.

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Our customer communication management services help you to

1. Create documents that are fully connected and integrated with your data

Our solution makes concise and effective communication as easy as possible while requiring no external data transformation projects.

2. Leverage reusable components

Combine data, rules and content using a powerful composition engine to create highly flexible templates that drives all your customer communications.

3. Collaborate with business users

Control the entire process through master templates that include raw data, data wiring and the logic needed to manage production, legal, digital and postal requirements.

4. Create intelligent content

Lead the process through the business logic that controls the content displayed in customer communications without needing to work through IT.

5. Control content categorization and rich meta-data

Add required content that is automatically leveraged by existing assembly rules, compliance, branding, product or language.

6. Use omnichannel approach

Extend your offline communications for display via responsive design by coordinating online, digital and mobile delivery alongside physical communications.

7. Create bi-directional communications

Integrate customer feedback surveys, move images and banners based on customer profiles and see how customers interact with your content.

8. Minimize human involvement and error with automation

Manage batch jobs and on-demand requests from customers and front-line employees while processing and routing data streams to the appropriate devices.

9. Robust review and approval capabilities

Our solution provides powerful approval capabilities that are applied to govern changes made to templates and content, as well as the approval flows that govern individual documents.

10. Automate amendments and renewals

Simplify the contract renewal process by allowing your front-line workers to generate new contracts that combine the most up-to-date terms, offers and compliance language.

11. Speed your time to market

Personalize messages inside business correspondence that increases engagement through leveraging master templates, reusable content blocks and faster change management.

12. Be compliant and auditable

Have complete control over the complex relationships between different types of content, document order, and compliance messaging, eliminating the need for post-composition tools.

What is “complex data” and “complex documents”?

“Complex data” is made of disorganized, messy and unstructured information that no one has yet even tried to optimize. That has led to a sister concept, “complex documents” that are often governed by business rules and logic. It uses metadata to ensure customers receive the content and options that best match their individual profiles and needs across all output types and channels.

Benefits of our customer communication management services

  • Optimized licensing

  • Smooth integration

  • Ability to access and process old data

  • Versatile data conversion

  • Remote work friendliness

  • Effortless scalability

  • Personalized solutions

  • Interactive processes

  • Easy-to-use interfaces

  • Smooth project management

  • Reliable measuring

  • Inclusive reporting

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