Kirjoittaja: Ville Immonen / Head of Sales & Marketing
Julkaisupäivä: 2021-11-17

Yes, We Orchestrate Automated Customer Journeys To Perfection but why those fearlessly curious seven words and not something else?

We Orchestrate Automated Customer Journeys To Perfection.

Those carefully considered seven words summarize everything that Edita Prima from now on is and wants to be. Our new hero sentence defines us as a company, colleagues and individuals, reminds us from our unique history, gives true meaning to our updated brand, offers a practical internal tone of voice tips to our staff members, guides our daily decisions and future actions and origins directly from the key values we as a 160+year-old company believe in. Our new hero sentence also recognizes legacy, embraces change, welcomes transition and gives meaning to our upgraded service categories and solutions. And most importantly, it unquestionably helps bringing additional value for our present and future clients alike across and beyond the Finnish and the Nordic market that currently is our primary playground of perfection. So, our new hero sentence most definitely completes us but why those fearlessly curious exact seven words and not six or nine or eight or why not something totally different?

Our new hero sentence marks the beginning of the next 160 years of Edita Prima

It’s a solid question: In the upcoming months, we will publish a series of five more detailed articles about the meaning of our new hero sentence.

On article #1, titled as “We” and published in December of 2021, I will dive deeper into our exceptional history, solid present, sensible working culture and excitingly potential future and open my thoughts about our unique position as one the oldest tech companies in Europe. Read the article from here.

On article #2, titled “Orchestrate” and published in January of 2022, I shall examine what term orchestrating means for us as a philosophy, as a tool to master our expertise, as a business model that is essential to our success, and how orchestrating as a process is firmly integrated into all our services combining digital and analog solutions for hundreds of highly versatile but equally interesting clients.

On article #3, titled “Automated“ and published in February of 2022, I will take a closer look to explain why term automated is undeniably crucial in 2020’s in our line of work and explain the innovative processes behind our key service categories that keep on evolving to better fulfill rapidly altering expectations, needs and demands of our client base and collaborator network. 

On article #4, titled “Customer Journeys” and published in March of 2022, I will explain in detail the meaning, purpose and benefits of our user-friendly orchestration services and emphasize the importance and effectiveness of breaking longer customer journeys into smaller data-driven microjourneys that help our clients communicate more efficiently which improves their businesses and customer experiences.

And on our final hero sentence article #5, titled “To Perfection” and published in April of 2022, I will argue why we at Edita Prima see the concept of perfection in a specific modern way which also includes ideas of openness, learning, testing, vulnerability and even elements of uncertainty, questioning and failing.

We believe that our new hero sentence marks the beginning of the next 160 years of Edita Prima. More industry leading articles of change and transition coming up. Please stay tuned and join the journey of perfection.