Customer data platform

We help you create extraordinary customer experiences through accurate, reliable and friendly data

Don’t even try to deny it. The world does not belong to you or us anymore. It belongs to the consumers who need to be listened to, respected, heard and served. Excellent across channel customer experiences, appropriate recommendations and tailored communication actions all require accurate, reliable and easily accessible data. Our customer data platforms offer you just that.

“Edita Prima’s solutions for customer communication of real estate management has been a huge help. Professionally produced high-quality invites to condo shareholders meetings are much better at motivating people to participate than boring stack of paper sheets.”

Kirsi Salo

Communication manager, Finnish Real Estate Management Federation

We make sure that you will always be on the top of your data game

Customers of today have power, influence and expectations beyond anything that we have seen not only towards products, brands and services but for UX too. They also have opinions and options. If customers don’t like your way of doing things they will go somewhere else and probably will never return. It really is that simple and it all comes down to providing the most personalized customer experiences possible. Through the latest technological solutions we make sure that you’ll always be on the top of your game through effective data strategy. We can guide you from strategic assessments from data maturity to establishing data flows and designs all to way planning and implementation for you to have a better single view of your data at every touchpoint. We collect and connect your data to benefit everyone.

Our CDP services are special because of these five key reasons

1. Single customer profile views are handy

Our CDP collects data from multiple sources simultaneously and unifies it under one holistic customer profile single view across all devices and channels that can be connected to all your systems.

2. Easily accessible data rules

The value of accurate and reliable data can’t be underestimated. Data is the force that thrives your marketing, communication, business intelligence and product development in all layers of your business. It’s vital that data is easily accessible to everyone. Our CDP democratizes access to all customer data across your company.

3. True agility is a gift

constant change and transition of tech trends and consumer behavior. This helps you to collect reliable data from various sources and use it anywhere to create better UX and marketing campaigns.

4. Wasting time is pointless

Setting up new tools and integrating point solutions can be time-consuming and frustratingly difficult to maintain. Our CDP saves hours of integration work through centralized customer data with supported turnkey integrations. All business rules and audiences are centrally set up in one single place and can be applied across various tools which reduces the need for duplicating.

5. Nobody likes dumb ads

There are more channels and devices than ever before. Customers have high expectations towards all user experiences. What they specifically don’t like are ads of the very same products they just have purchased. Our CDP helps you to have a complete and always up to date view of your customer’s behavior that leads to smarter customer experiences without silly and harmful blind spots.

With smarter CDP you can

  • Get a complete accurate view of your clients in all touchpoints

  • Unify data and remove silos to create 360° customer profiles

  • Divide users to audiences and target them with exact messaging

  • Simplify all integrations to access data

  • Upgrade targeting and interactions to increase customer loyalty

  • Automate and create fully personalized customer journeys

  • Deliver personalized actions and experiences across all channels

  • Enjoy more detailed marketing analysis

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