Consent and preference management

We help you turn privacy regulations into competitive brand advantages that will strengthen your sales and businesses

As quantities of data are getting larger the general interest towards data is rising. It’s not just tech companies but all businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and private citizens who are keen to understand why and how their data is being used. Our consent and preference management services help you to navigate through the complex jungle of letters, boxes, numbers and IP addresses of the wild world web of digitalization.

“We are very satisfied with fast and reactive response and professional attitude of Edita Prima. Secure and efficient methods enhance the growth of productivity in government offices and facilities.”

Lasse Pynnönen

Head of development, Finnish Census Bureau

GDPR and other privacy regulators have changed our relationship with data

Who owns and who controls data has become one of the most essential questions of modern societies. Key to success is transparency and understanding the importance of fairness and openness. Privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have affected the ways how companies collect and process the personal data of consumers. Changes to consent practices under these regulations have created never ending lists of new challenges and impacted marketing communication efforts from email marketing and digital advertising to websites and mobile applications. But privacy regulations have also brought new business opportunities for those who are smart enough to do the right thing and use data for right purposes.

We help you respecting customer preferences and creating consistency

We enable organizations to centrally manage consent and preferences while giving consumer control and visibility how their data is being used. By syncing consent and preference settings directly throughout marketing applications you can create consistency across marketing activities and deliver positive user experiences that respect customer preferences. The growing number of monitored strict data regulations are not a risk or an obstacle of increasing your market share but the exact opposite. It’s a wonderful window to find differentiation, strengthen your brand and improve customer journeys. Whoever truly listens to the customer will be successful. Customer’s will, wishes and desire are everything.

More detailed data regulations are your opportunity to

  • Build trusted customer relationships by providing real privacy choices

  • Communicate to your customers what happens with their data and what benefits sharing can bring Instead of harmful jargon use language that is easily understandable

  • Reduce opt-outs and unsubscribes on all your marketing touchpoints through functional user interfaces

  • Optimize your advertising revenues through accurate analysis

  • Stay on the safe side with your business by minimizing data related legal risks

  • Turn privacy regulators into a competitive advantage in all levels of your business

  • Delight your customers with an honest user experience during data preferences updating

  • Strengthen your overall brand image by simply being nice and doing the right thing

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